Why Becoming a Successful Blogger is Harder Today

Today, more and more people aspire to become a new successful blogger. They want to build blogs that will make them a steady stream of income that will allow them to enjoy life fully. With the increasing number of blogs, it is only natural that the competition will be stiffened as well.

That makes your aspiration to become a successful blogger come with many more obstacles. In fact, it is harder to become a successful blogger today. Why? Here are 5 of the biggest reasons:

becoming a successful blogger

1. The blogging world is becoming more crowded

More and more blogs are being published and the blogosphere is surely crowded by a bunch of new blogs every day. The rate of growth in blogging has been never faster than before. With the whole world going to a digital parade, blogging is becoming a part of people’s life. Even average Joe that didn’t dream of making money online is now trying to make a fortune with blogging. With this much additions in blogging, you might think that it will affect your chance to succeed in blogging. Yes, and that’s true. But, well, it’s a reality that you should face. Even though it’s harder to succeed in blogging nowadays, it’s not impossible at all.

2. Regular search engine algorithm updates

The surge of new blogs coming out in the blogosphere will surely affect the internet world in general. As a result, the internet is filled with more and more of crap content produced by inexperienced bloggers that are trying to make a quick buck with their 1 week old blog. And what will happen then? Search engines are required to sweep the bad content from their search results, since they give nothing good to their users at all. And here comes the famous algorithm updates that most webmasters are afraid about. What will be the effect for you? Well, you have a harder time trying to get ranked in the first page of the search engine result.

3. Stiff competition

With the search engine algorithm updates coming into place, most bloggers and webmasters are now trying to outsmart their competition. How do they do this? Since content is what search engines are looking for, they’re trying to come up with a more solid content, and a more high quality content jam-packed with a bunch of LSI keywords. Of course, this kind of content is difficult to create, and it will be expensive for them to create it, but it is now required in their business to come up with a high quality content to keep their high ranking. Well-established blogs and websites are now making the competition stiffer and certainly almost leaving no room for new bloggers to get spotted.

4. You need more patience than before

Since the competition has become stiffer than before, you will need more patience to build your blogging business as a new blogger. Of course, it will come with the need to have more persistence on your part. If you are willing to survive in this blogging world, then you need to regularly come up with high quality content that will blow the search engines as well as your readers. It might be possible to see a good amount of income in just a few months of blogging in the past, but now you will need at least one year before you begin to see good income from your blogging business. Remember that patience is always a virtue.

5. Increasing amount of investment required

If you factor all the reasons above, the effect will be that your investment in blogging will be increased significantly. If you don’t like to write, you’ll need to hire some writers to write your blog content. Not just any writer, your writers must be able to come up with very good article quality that will add more traffic to your blog. This is one good amount of investment required for you. Another thing to remember is that you will also need to come up with good and reliable template for your blog, one that will be optimized for your readers as well as the search engines. A license to use this template is not cheap. You’ll also need to spend more money on link building as well as guest blogging. Think about those investments required to keep your blog going. Unless you’re ready for them, you shouldn’t expect to get rich with blogging, at least in the next few years.

What? You still want to get rich with blogging? Well, the one thing that I will suggest to you is that you should do it slowly. Find the crack in each niche that will let you enter it with less competition and effort. From this crack, you can move up all the way to blogging popularity and authority. It is harder to blog today, but it’s not impossible for you to succeed with it.

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  1. Qasim says:

    Hi Anil,

    I totally agree with you, today it’s very hard to start a new blog and be successful because most of the time the topic you have chosen have been already consumed by many other bloggers, to be successful you should look for a topics that is both needed and not covered. However if you choose a topic which is already consumed you have to make sure that you have a great knowledge of it and that you can present it in a unique way. Thanks for sharing this article.

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