Turning An E-Book Into A Marketing Machine

With the ever-increasing tablets and e-readers that the big corps are coming out with, it makes more sense in 2012 than ever before to target some of your marketing to these devices. Almost all of them are PDF capable, so why not create a PDF that’s going to bring you some sales?

Boring blocks of text don’t look good on any screen, which is why in this post, we are going to talk about the general design and layout your e-book should have to optimize the reading experience.

The Title

Yes, this doesn’t really have anything to do with design and layout, but I have to talk about it because it can make or break your efforts. No matter how cool your design is, no one will read your e-book if it has a crappy title.

Not only that, but your title is what helps your e-book get spread around. “Discover The ONE Exercise That Will Give You A 6 Pack By Next Week” is going to be much better received on social media sites than “Become More Fit”, right?

Don’t be scared to add a subtitle if it can add value.

An E-Cover

People shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But they do. The moral of the story? Get a professionally designed cover. One of the reasons Facebook and Pinterest are where they are now is because of pictures. The Internet is a “visual” world.

Have your title and your name (or the name of your brand) on the e-cover. You can get high resolution e-covers made for around $5 – $50. Check out Fiver or the Warrior Forum for freelancers.

A Page Dedicated To You

This is not a “bragging page”, but rather a page where you can talk about your expertise. Why? This gives them a reason to trust what you talk about in the e-book and eventually take action.

You don’t have to be fancy. Find a nice close-up shot of your smiling face. Write your name just below it. And below all of that, have 1 – 3 paragraphs talking about who you are, what your experiences are, and why they should listen to you.

Table Of Contents

It makes you look professional, so just do it. This kills 3 birds with 1 stone.

1. The reader knows what to expect and how the content is organized

2. The reader can skip to the section he thinks is relevant to him

3. The reader can refer to the section he needs to go over again if he doesn’t understand it in the first sitting

Word also allows you to hyperlink the Table of Contents to jump to the desired section, if you use Headings to create your chapter titles.

Social Sharing Buttons

You encounter them on web pages and blogs, but less frequently in e-books. Why? Not sure. But it’s time to change that. Have social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) in the footer to help the readers spread the word about your ebook.

Oh and yeah, if you are offering the ebook in exchange of an opt-in, make sure that the link you get your readers to spread is the link to your squeeze page (and not a direct link to the download page!).

Eyeballs Rest

marketing machine

Large blocks of text are boring. Try to give your readers’ eyeballs a break by separating some of the paragraphs with pictures. Another way to make it easy on them is to occasionally stop using paragraphs and instead use bullets. Use different font styles where you want to highlight something.


There are several ways to use your e-book as a promotional tool.

1. You can have a link in your footer to a page that acts as a “catalogue of all your products”.

2. Put in a few affiliate links where it can make your readers’ lives easy (like if you are recommending a specific protein shake, it won’t hurt to use your affiliate link)

3. Have a full page at the end dedicated to “pitch” 1 other related product of yours (those interested in getting a 6 pack may also be interested in doing handstand pushups…)

4. Have a “Other Resources” page linking to several of your products (with a short description of what each of them are)

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