Affiliate Program – Top 5 You Want To Work With

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can (and should!) do it whatever your situation is.

Let me explain why and evaluate on the beauty of an affiliate program.

I’ll start with the most common situation (and the one that you probably are in right now).

The Newbie

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The newbie ranges from the guy who is doing his first “make money online” Google search to the one who has read tons of e-books and forum advice, but still cannot figure out how to make his first dollar.

In this person’s case, joining an affiliate program is the solution for the following reasons:

  1. He doesn’t need to bother create his own product
  2. He doesn’t need to spend hours writing a salespage
  3. He does not need to take care of customer support
  4. In most cases, there is no need for him to handle refunds

The Freelancer

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This guy figured out how to make some money online. However, his income is not really passive. After a while, he may even be able to quit his job and live fully online. But the thing is, he has to work hard for it. Article writing, link building, data entry, web design etc. This is hard work.

His reasons for entering an affiliate program are very much similar to the newbie. He doesn’t have much to do. He’s only got traffic to send.

The Vendor

This is the guy who got it. He sells online already. He has his e-book and salespage. He even has a backend product and a membership site. How can an affiliate program possibly help him?

Simple. Let’s say he got the ideal customer. He bought his ebook, his backend product and is even enrolled in his membership site! Now what next? Has the vendor maxed out his profits from him?

“Maybe, as he doesn’t have anything else to offer.”

WRONG. He can promote affiliate offers to his existing customers to make even more money. Some of the people on his list may actually prefer his affiliate recommendation to his own product, resulting in lost sales retrieved.

With that said, I am giving you a recommendation of the most trusted and popular affiliate program (in no specific order – all of them are good).

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Click Here To Sign up With ClickBank Affiliate Program

If you are new, go for this affiliate program. It is one of the easiest networks to join and has no real “requirements” for you to get in. Also, its terms and conditions are lenient; as long as you do nothing shady, you won’t get into trouble, your account cancelled etc.

It also has one of the largest marketplaces with its cool ranking system where you can choose what product to promote based on your own preferences and level of experience.

Signing up to their affiliate program is easy and you can get your account created within 5 minutes.

Also, if you are in the internet marketing niche, Clickbank is where you want to go as the big gurus often (if not always) choose to do their big launches on that network.

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Click Here To Sign up With PayDotCom Affiliate Program

This affiliate program differs from Clickbank in the following ways:

  1. You can promote digital AS WELL AS physical products
  2. You receive your commissions via Paypal instead of through a check in the mail

While many people think that Clickbank is “better” than Pay Dot Com, you should know that big name (highly successful) products such as The Best Spinner and Instant Article Wizard Pro are sold on their marketplace.

Click Here To Sign up With RapBank Affiliate Program

Instant Commissions. That’s all I need to say! This is the power and beauty of this affiliate program.

When you join as an affiliate (for free), you get a list of 700 (and RAPIDLY growing) products to sell. When you make a sale, you don’t need to wait 30 or even 15 days to get paid. You get paid instantly on you Paypal account.

If you are just starting out and WANT to get that cash fast, I’d say go with RAP Bank.

My personal advice? Join this network fast and get established before it gets saturated.

Click Here To Sign up With Commission Junction Affiliate Program

Most internet marketers consider this affiliate program to be about refinement and quality, featuring big brand names. However, this also means having a more strict promotional strategy to get your affiliate commissions.

CJ’s affiliate program also places its focus on physical products (although they do have some fine digital products listed in their marketplace).

They are known to take good care of their affiliates and give away weekly strategic promotional advice within their marketplace.

Click Here To Sign up With NeverBlue Affiliate Program

So far we’ve seen how we can promote digital products and physical products. However, these are not the only types of offers to which you can drive traffic to.

Neverblue is an affiliate program where you don’t need to make a sale to make money. It’s called CPA advertising.

CPA means cost per action. You get paid if the visitor you sent performs the desired action. This can be as simple as putting in his email address and clicking submit. Of course, on these simple email submits, you won’t get paid $80 for each, but hey, think about it. Your visitor doesn’t have to take out his credit card from his wallet.

He is at his screen and he gets an offer to get a free sample of something in exchange of his email address only. If you send 100 people to this offer, how many do you think will sign up? I think you agree with me that it’s going to be more than if you are trying to sell them something.

To Wrap Things Up

affiliate programIf you absolutely want to make money fast online, I strongly suggest you to go for affiliate marketing, using either of the affiliate programs listed above.

You just need to focus on one thing: driving targeted traffic. The rest has been taken care of for you.

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  1. galmarae says:

    Neverblue stinks! They don’t even have Jamaica on list of countries on their website. How then does one join them. J have written to them about this on more than one occasion with no response. Their loss, not mine.

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