The Life being Lost in the Circle of Keywords: Life Cycle of an SEO

Whether, you appreciate my title or not, I feel that rank-tracking is still a big part of most SEO’s lives. When I first hear this li’l term ‘SEO’, I could easily remember that some of my buddies who used to say that probably, I was making some mistakes with the term CEO which sounds almost similar to SEO. This little but much freaky term almost sounds new to them and they used to enquire me what it’s all about.

Staying calm after much irritation, I used to rectify them saying its SEO and not CEO. But now after several months of joining into this field, I could easily feel myself that although consisting with three letters only- ‘S’, ‘E’ and ‘O’, but it carries not a less drop of tension that a CEO undergoes.

Life of a SEO

What we are ultimately facing:

Unfortunately, while many us keeps on juggling with keywords everyday rather in a more artistic way without even knowing the final results. I truly feel happy and eager to take the credit when keywords move up in the search results page and sad as well quick to hunt for blame when it simply goes beyond my eye-sight.

As those in the industry know that the so-called rat race, I mean ‘SEO’ is never-ending and we are just like puppets in the hands of Google, always adjusting ourselves to whatever decisions as made by our land lord. What other options do we have? Nothing but to accept it. While the game may keep on changing (and the algorithms), the fact is that the life cycle keeps on trucking along the path.

Now some might call it boring or tedious, but we call it the SEO Cycle of Life. Now this doesn’t mean that at the beginning of every spring, you will hold up your darling (website) upon a big pride rock for all of us to see. First of all you won’t get so much time and secondly that won’t help you much too as you will be busy excessively in the grind of Search Engine Optimization.

The SEO Circle of Life:

This is what I call it as the ‘SEO Life Cycle’.  For any SE Optimizer, this  cycle do keeps on playing on the mind of constant state of evaluation, research, tweaks, changes, oh yes I shouldn’t forget “algorithmic updates” and everything else that is involved in getting  your website to grab a good rank at the top of search results and keeping them there. I wish if it could be forever and ever….

Yes, I do agree that at the heart of every expert seo company is research and even you cannot overlook this step or take it for granted. Juggling and struggling for the appropriate keyword for the site is what my mind is so obsessed nowadays. I could easily feel that even being a movie buff, I could hardly find time for myself to go to the multiplexes and watch a movie.



Those were the Best Days of my Life:

My mind which was mostly pre-occupied with rock songs, lyrics or movies even some days backs have suddenly changed its way to Google updates and articles.  Apart from this, the funnier part is that nowadays I am getting more interest in looking up for Google updates rather than anything else as it is related to my site rank after all.



Questions…..questions and questions all around:

Yes, sometimes I could feel myself that I have almost become a SEO buff where my mind is always being engaged with certain questions like- “ Are the keywords that I have targeted are pulling the expected traffic?” or sometimes with this kind of question like- “Has the overall traffic increased or decreased?”. Ohhhhh God!! Yes, in fact I am not the exception one, this do happens with all SE Optimizers I guess.


Is Google Muddling with us?

Now, here comes the Big Boss- “Google”.  I always think from time to time that Google is shuffling ranking on purpose, even sometimes un-purposefully not just to keep SEO’s guessing. Infact, I am almost habituated getting these little shakings from Google. After preparing a much chalked out schedule of optimizing my site so that it could snatch the top ranks in the search result pages, as soon as I start implementing it on my website, almost every time I end up getting a bang on my head with some or other algorithmic updates from Google. With a mere expectation of getting a look of my website at the top of search results, I almost end up getting down and down…..

After much frustration and irritation, I still do console my mind that everything will be perfect as before and once again my site would get its deserved ranks back soon.



No more Frustrations around, there are Happy Days in SEO too:

The funnier part that I soon discover about myself these days is that the animals like ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ which were on the top of my favorite animals list even some days back have started getting ignorance nowadays. I couldn’t easily tolerate them now. Getting a glimpse of them in any part of the day makes me remember of my much struggled sites, keywords and its rankings respectively.

Infact, I just doubt that what glee Google get in bringing these much innocent animals along with their updates. And yes, I am also getting a notion that some zebra update is coming soon too. So, very soon this strong, stripped animal would enter into my hate list too.

That’s all about the Freaking Life of a SEO:

So, this is all what I feel nowadays that my life has been jagging around in the maze of keywords and innovative articles.  While reading this article, if you ever thought that “Yes, this happens with my life too…”, then I can assure you for the time being that yes whether your site has managed to snatch the top ranks or not (obviously I don’t know), but you are just in the right track of being an SE Optimizer.

Being an optimistic for the past few months, I wouldn’t say that the life of an Search Engine Optimizer is not as pathetic just as the Life of Pi used to be. I do have some happy moments too, especially when I get a glimpse of the positive upward movement of my site ranks. But mostly, the life-cycle of an SEO is full of tension, strain and pressure.

About Author:

Aditi Datta is a proficient SE Optimizer who expertises in the fields of both SEO and SEM. She works in an expert seo company and has got proficiency in making her sites to stand out from the rest through her researched SEO knowledge.

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