Steps for Exponential Growth of Internet Marketing

Exponential growth in marketing of any entrepreneur’s products or services is much desired. This can be otherwise referred to as viral marketing. And, just like the virus; a micro-organism that easily replicates itself, over and over again in geometric proportions, doubling or tripling in size, viral marketing helps spread the word out about your business.

Now the virus can only spread in the right environment and this is equally true about viral marketing. In other words, there is an appropriate environment under which internet marketing thrives.  Okay three steps to make this happen include:

  1. Taking action to get more customers.
  2. Making offers on a regular basis to your existing customers, and
  3. Increasing the average amount you spend on customers.

Exponential Growth

Elements of Exponential Growth 

There are certain elements that should be present for there to be exponential growth in marketing. Now the list that you are about to read is by no means an exhaustive one, but merely a run down of some of the basic elements required. In it you will discover that these are in line with the three steps already mentioned above. They are:

1.   Gives away products/ services of value

2.   Ensures effortless transfer to others

3.   Takes Advantage of common motivations as well as behaviors

4.   Utilizes already existing communication channels

5.   Takes advantage of others’ resources.

Okay let us examine each element briefly.

1.     Gives Away Products/Services of Value

Giving away your products or services should not come cheap. Consider giving away something of true value to your customers. This should include your existing as well as prospective customers. Free information, free software applications that can carry out powerful functions are just some of the examples of things that you can give away. The word “free” is such a powerful word in marketing that it spreads your brand like wildfire, but only if the product or service in question is of true value.

2.     Ensures Effortless Transfer to Others

The medium through which your marketing message is transmitted should ensure easy transfer and replication of your marketing message. That is such medium like your website, email, graphic, etc. need to encourage this. Now viral marketing is working successfully on the web because of the ease of instant communication, plus since this is inexpensive. Also, remember that your marketing message should be simple. And, endeavor to make it as short as it is possible to do so.

3.     Takes Advantage of Common Motivations as well as Behaviors

Exploiting the motivations as well as behaviors that are common to human beings is the way to go when it comes to experiencing exponential growth in internet marketing. People are driven by a lot of things like the desire to be famous or celebrated. To be loved and understood.

4.       Uses Already Existing Communication Channels

Social media is popular today because most of us if not all have a network of family, friends, and associates joining these sites. From Twitter to Facebook, people are communicating with others within their network. So taking advantage of social media is definitely another basic element that any exponential internet marketing strategy should have. There are at least hundreds of millions of people on these communication channels waiting to experience your brand.

5.   Takes Advantage of Others’ Resources

Viral marketing that is effective makes use of the resources of others to spread the word. For example, affiliate programs places text including graphic links on the websites of others. In similar vein authors that give away their articles for free are doing so in order to gain position on the web pages of another.


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