Marketers Media Review – Does This Press Release Submission Service Really Work?

Marketers Media Press release distribution is all about sharing your message and engaging with your audience. As such, when it comes to distribution, visibility is the first step toward success and a distribution network optimized for the search engines can be quite helpful.

Updated 2013:

  • Support More than 750+ PRMediaList Media Outlets.
  • Direct transmission to the Media Partners.
  • News and Media Clipping Archives.
  • More than 30,000+ Journalists.
  • Online Media Placements.
  • Radio TV Channels.

If you need a message to get noticed by the media and the millions of online viewers out there, leveraging the top-notch partnerships of Marketers Media can help you tell your story better and louder. Your press releases get exposure to an established community of journalists, national and regional newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, TV, radio stations, staff and freelance journalists, bloggers and news aggregators.


Marketers Media

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Indeed, whether you are promoting a new product, you are announcing an organizational change or you are launching a new marketing campaign, you can benefit hugely from an association with Marketers Media. Marketers media works in collaboration with a number of distribution networks and can therefore help just about any type of organization to:

  1. Take their news straight to influential journalists and bloggers all over the world
  2. Reach domestic as well as international trade magazines and reporters
  3. Distribute in several different languages
  4. Establish credibility
  5. Engage audiences all over the world
  6. Include in their message visual aids such as photos, logos and videos
  7. Acquire multimedia assets

Watch how the press release submission service works in this short video

Marketers Media and press release distribution

Marketers Media

Whether you work in PR, corporate communications, marketing or charity, success as far as your communication strategy is concerned is highly contingent upon knowing what news related to your industry to put out there and how. In general, using a media contact database and tracking which topics journalists are researching can help you dramatically increase relevant coverage but then again, this will mean establishing productive relationships with journalists, bloggers and key influencers.

With Marketers Media’s unique media targeting and monitoring strategy, getting your message out becomes quick and targeted. It becomes possible to engage with the influential people in your industry via traditional and social media channels. Combine this with Marketer’s Media unparalleled global press release, news and content distribution network and you have the intelligence and tools to execute your communications strategy more effectively.

  • Marketers Media offers organizations access to a global media contact database of thousands of journalists and bloggers constantly updated by a dedicated media research team
  • Marketers Media provides more information per individual contact than any other provider
  • Marketers Media offers one of the industry’s broadest global press release and content distribution network
  • You get the opportunity to engage with journalists, bloggers and social influences directly from the platform.
  • Distribute your news and content to customized lists of journalists as well as your own private contacts.

Marketers Media – Engage with your audience better

Engagement is a conversation. As a business, you are probably using content to put your message out there and your audience is responding through their interaction. Did you know that the use of videos, images, dedicated websites and social networks have proven to increase engagement when utilized as part of a communications strategy? This basically means that to boost message engagement, multimedia is a good place to start. If you’ve been failing to connect with your audience so far, Marketers Media can help you.

Marketers Media

The first step when it comes to engagement is getting found. To achieve that particular end, optimizing content with the appropriate keywords is important because this is what allows online viewers and search engines to find what they are looking for. This means that by using SEO in your communications, you increase the likelihood that your message will be found online, interacted with and hopefully shared. This increased engagement then improves the search engine rankings for your content.

Marketers Media helps SEO by:

  • Identifying relevant keywords and phrases for your particular niche market
  • Encouraging your readers to re-tweet your message or share it with friends
  • Promoting your content and campaigns
  • Giving your audiences a central location to access and interact with key company information
  • Increasing the likelihood of your content being shared via social channels.

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With Marketers Media, it is possible:

  1. To add images, related documents and/or video to a press release
  2. Combine multimedia assets into one comprehensive distribution
  3. Utilize photography and production services to create multimedia content
  4. Dynamically update content after the initial distribution
  5. Allow audiences to easily share content via the social media applications
  6. Archive digital assets and make them available for download by journalists and key influencers

Basic press release submission

This plan comes with:

  • Permanent placement on
  • Inclusion in Google News
  • Search engine optimization and up to 3 keyword links
  • Multimedia enhancements
  • Social media and RSS distribution
  • Content of up to 500 words

The price is $67

Premium press release submission

This plan comes with:

  • Distribution to over 250 media channel partners of Marketers Media
  • Featured placement on
  • Inclusion in Google News
  • SEO and up to 3 keyword links
  • Multimedia enhancement of the press releases with images and videos
  • Social Media distribution
  • Distributed guaranteed within 24 Hours
  • Content of over 500 words and up to 800 words

The price is $87

To be honest, if you are starting out, the basic plan will work well enough for you (this means a lower commission for me, but hey, I prefer being honest!). If you want more aggressive link building, then the premium plan is a better choice.

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Disclaimer: If you buy through my link, I will get a commission (you won’t be paying extra). However, it’s also worth noting that I myself (Winson Yeung) genuinely use the press release submission service that Marketers Media provides. It’s very affordable for all the benefits I am getting.

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