Leveraging The Power Of Facebook

When we talk about PPC, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is “Adwords” or “Bidvertiser”. Dear Internet Marketers, there is another option out there. Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is a social PPC network. Facebook is currently the number 1 social networking site on the planet (Yeah, I know that you know, but just want to make sure everyone is on the same line ;).

Before we dive into the topic, I’d like to briefly talk about PPC for those who have no idea of what it is. PPC means pay per click. Basically, you put an ad up on a PPC network and you pay every time a visitor clicks your ad (to visit your website). The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait for your website to rank in the search engines and can immediately test whether your offer is a converting one or not.

Why Facebook Ads over other options?

With other options, you target searchers. With FB Ads, you target people who are interested in your niche market having the proper demographics! What this means is that Facebook displays your “Get A Slim Waistline” landing page to users who have “weight loss” or “lose weight” in their interests or hobbies sections of their profile. On top, you get to choose the age group you want to target! I’d go with 18 – 35 year old ladies for that landing page by the way.

“Okay Winson, I got it. Now how do I get them to click my ads?”

Fine, we’re getting to that!  ;)

What do Facebook users do all day long? They click. What do they click? Farmville. Or their friend’s brother’s photo which is getting a lot of comments. Or a cool status update.

Why? Because it draws their attention. It seems, sounds and looks interesting (and not like an Ad). That’s how your ad should be!

Facebook users are very unlikely to click “Buy iPod here”. They are much more likely to go to your site if they read “My cool pink iPod nano for cheap (with pics!)”.

They were not actively looking for it, so don’t hit them with an ad (they’re kinda immune to ads as they see them a whole day).

Additional tips

Put pictures. Period. If you are selling the iPod, a nice picture of it will boost click through rates drastically. FB users are visual. That’s why PetVille is such a success  :P

And as usual, DO IT. At least try it with a small budget to see if you like it, and most importantly, if you can make it work for you.

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