Latino Marketing And The Duality Of Social Media

The Latino market is growing and businesses need to make sure they’re listening. Not only do Latinos relish the interaction and socialization afforded to them through social media platforms and other the Internet-based forums, but they also appreciate marketing efforts that acknowledge their very presence. In previous years, Latinos were either marketed to directly or not at all, simply included in the same marketing campaigns meant for the general population.

Today, neither approach pleases this lively demographic. Instead, Latinos look for brands that understand their cultural roots but recognize that they have also adopted American values. So how can you incorporate the Latino population? Through social media!

latino social media

With a large percentage of Latinos owning smartphones, they are already connecting to sites like Facebook and Twitter around the clock. But what they aren’t getting is bicultural content from the brands they follow. Below are a few tips to incorporate Latino traditions with conventional American culture into your social media campaign.


Whether you’re a Latino, an American, or even a Canadian, you’ve heard of Spanglish. Moreover, you’ve probably even experienced Spanglish at least once or twice. From Ricky Martin’s unforgettable song, “Living La Vida Loca” to Taco Bell’s new slogan, “Live Mas”, there is Spanglish surrounding all of us. But what many companies fail to realize is that Spanglish is more than a funny way to mash words together, it’s a way of life for many bicultural Latinos.

In the 2010 Census, 24.5% of Latinos claimed to only speak English. Furthermore, 75.1% claimed to speak Spanish at home. Somewhere in between lies a culture that has formed Spanglish, a special language all their own that combines the language their Abuela spoke with the language their friends and co-workers speak. With this information as food for thought, come up with a few social media posts that capitalize on the popularity of Spanglish. Use words that would be familiar to Latinos, fluent and not, as well as other Americans.

Mobile Content

As I’ve already mentioned, Latinos have become major adopters of the smartphone. Nielson reports that Latinos are 28% more likely own a smartphone than a non-Hispanic white person. Furthermore, many Latinos skipped purchasing desktop computers and laptops and went straight to Internet-ready devices like smartphones and tablets. This means they are still accessing the Internet, but in a much different way than most consumers.

mobile content

With mobile devices being popular among Latinos, creating mobile friendly content can be a safe bet for just about any company. Keep in mind the content you post to social media and how it can be viewed on a small screen. If you like to promote your company’s blog, make sure your blog has a responsive design or an alternate mobile-friendly version. If you are going to tweet or Instagram pictures, make sure they lead to mobile optimized pages. The same goes for any articles and websites you want to share with your Latino followers. If they find the content is too frustrating to navigate through their smartphones, they might give up on it all together. Furthermore, make sure all images you post on Facebook are high-resolution images. These kinds of pictures will look better on desktops and mobile devices.

Let Them Do The Talking

Latinos have joined up with social media because it gives them a place to use their voice, share their stories, and express what is most important to them. After all, Hispanic communities are very social to begin with so a transition into social media was very easy for most Latinos. Now, your business can help them even more by using your profiles as their spotlight.

Many businesses have found how helpful Facebook contests and Twitter re-tweets are for growing their following. Create a contest in which Latinos can share personal experiences, use their own pictures, and bring up their cultural roots. They’ll appreciate having the forum to speak their minds and, therefore, appreciate your company for giving them the forum to do so.

Furthermore, you can partner with Latino influencers like popular bloggers or even celebrities if your budget allows. Ask them to share their stories and interact with your Latino fanbase in their own way. Latinos are a people that have learned to stick together. By partnering with one of their own, you can show how trustworthy your brand really is.

There’s no denying that Latinos have become an important part of marketing. Their influence is simply becoming too big to ignore. But instead of marketing specifically to them, incorporating their cultural values, favorite bloggers, and literally speaking their language, you can open up the lines of communication to include Latino shoppers and their insights. Your business can attract a whole new demographic by catering to Latinos. And by doing so, your marketing efforts can be more effective than ever before.

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