Google Panda | The Good And The Bad

I doubt there is someone out there who can dispute the fact that despite being an incredibly vigilant search engine, it does not always happen that a Google search results in browsers getting directed to relevant pages of results. In many instances, it happens that low-quality web pages rank higher while high-quality websites lag behind. To eliminate this problem, on April 11 2011, Google Inc. launched in the market a new algorithmic design. According to Google representatives, the design, Google Panda or Google Farmer will make Internet browsing a lot better, much to the delight of people who use, on a regularly basis, Google but the same cannot be said about the Internet marketers out there who are currently finding it difficult to cope with the new demands being imposed on them by the search engine giant.

Google Panda – The Good

Over the last few months, Google Panda has consistently been on the receiving end of appraisals. For a start, it is undeniable that the new algorithm design makes it easier for web users to find relevant web pages pertaining to their queries. The advancement incorporates a feature known as user feedback signals. This basically means that Google now takes into account the preferences of its users when raking webpages in terms of their relevance. Google Panda also allows its users to block certain websites now should they find them irrelevant or useless. The block list is generated by Panda’s algorithms and the blocked sites never again appear in future searches. Up until recently, Google could not detect the difference between low-quality and high-quality web pages with the use of web spiders and crawlers but equipped with Panda, Google is now making this assessment easier for itself.

Google Panda – The bad

The advent of Google Panda caused nothing short of an uproar in the SEO industry, which is currently undergoing a forced makeover. For a start, Google Panda made online businesses dependent on SEO professionals. Without a qualified SEO expert guiding and tunneling things, it would be a miracle if a business makes it out there. Google Panda is redefining the importance of online PR-led SEO strategies. This will obviously, in the long run, lead traffic to good and reputed websites, discarding bad websites and link farms but for now, the whole world of Internet marketing is going through a rough patch with thousands of online businesses wrapping up their services. Google Panda has taken its first step to disregard spam completely in search results. Time will tell if the mess it created was worth the while or not.

Google Panda – The general significance of the latest stunt pulled off by Google

With the entire searching algorithm changed almost dramatically, many website owners are currently facing insecurity. Google has brought forward a brief guideline to help people cope where upgrading their sites according to the changing patterns of the Google algorithm is concerned. Basically, Google Panda is all about the protection of good websites to prevent them from getting lost in the crowd. If you can offer a good website with good content, then Google Panda will be nothing but beneficial for you.

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