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Winson Yeung has been involved in Internet Marketing since 2008 and has a huge interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and Internet Marketing. He is also the founder of CCArticles, a writing service provider that aims to produce high quality articles at affordable rates. You can add him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter or .

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How To Get WSO of The Day – “CopyMyTemplate” WSO Case Study


I just launched my first Warrior Special Offer (WSO) for “Copy My Template (CMT)” on 10th November 2014.

I’m glad to announce that “Copy My Template” has been awarded “WSO of The Day” by Mike from Warrior Plus on the next day. So what’s special about this reward?

This reward recognize that my product is one of the higher quality and has performed well for affiliates. Here’s the proof



More than 300 copies are sold within the first 24 hours.

How does “WSO of The Day” helps you?

The obvious reason is that “Mike from Warrior Plus” will mail out to his hot list promoting your product.

Another reason is tons of super affiliates will start requesting approval to promote your product. This is the goldmine here because all you need is to approve them and they will mail out for you!

Take a look at this! 98 Affiliates willing to promote my product :) Awesome right?


So here’s how I manage to get “WSO of the Day” Reward.

1. Sales won’t happen after you launch the product unless you have a mailing list or you have good affiliates willing to promote for you.

2. Always include a “Bonus” page before buyer access your product.

3. Use the “Bonus” page as an incentive to recruit good affiliates to mail out for you.

4. 1 week before your launch day, give out 10 reviews and request them to have their testimonial ready.

5. Once the WSO thread is live, PM the reviewers to post on your WSO thread. (This is important because the review will give you instant credibility).

6. Make a JV Page that include email swipes. (Easy for affiliate to promote your product).

7. Only accept affiliates that has a proven sale record with a conversion rate of more than 5%. (This is to keep your EPC high)

8. You MUST include OTO offer so that it can boost up your Earning Per Click (EPC) because will look at the EPC before deciding if they want to promote your product.

9. Send a customize email/pm to super affiliates to give them a review copy and the email swipe material.

9. After 72 hours, feel free to accept the remaining affiliates.

10. Pray and hope you get the “WSO of the Day” reward.

Here’s the statistic for the second day.


I hope you enjoy this post.

Do Check out my WSO here ==> http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/1011255-wso-day-copy-my-template-generate-172-56-positive-return-build-your-list-free.html

This post is dedicated to Shane Farrell and Bryan Harkins for their Product Creation Breakthrough Coaching. If you want to create your product and get WSO of the day, I highly recommend you to contact Shane and Bryan for their coaching. Tell him you are referred by Winson Yeung :)


IM Lead Dynamo Review

This service was just launched in May 2014 and I purchased a 1000 leads package for $197. That’s would only means each paid cost around $0.19 which is really a bargain!

Check It Out ==> http://ezymoneysecret.com/cc/offers/buyleads/ 

SHORTCUT To Grow Your Leads Fast!

IM Lead Dynamo Review 1

Yes, it’s really a shortcut and I just found this shortcut recently. That is by buying leads instead of buying clicks via IM Lead Dynamo Here

This service is provided by Lewis Turner who is famous for his “Turner Funnel”. That’s why he is able to offer this service at a low cost.

According to Lewis, “This service is a traffic co-op which allows us to safely and securely offer you very cheap subscribers directly into your list to which you can email as many times as you like and promote anything you like to them.”

Basically you will be able to get leads for as low as $0.1588 and it 95% Tier 1 and even contain buyer list!

Now let’s compare with normal solo ads which cost $40 for 100 clicks.

Assume the squeeze page convert at 40%, you will be able to get 40 subscribers.

That would lead to $40/40Leads = $1 per leads!!!

So this offer is really a SPEED BOOSTER to get your list to 2500 leads so you can start doing ads swap. This is indeed my secret weapon! Please keep it to yourself.IM Lead Dynamo Review

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Ezy Money Secret Exclusive Bonus

If you get buy leads today, you will be able to entitle to my Intensive Internet Marketing Training From http://ezymoneysecret.com 

Just send me your receipt to support [ @ ] winson yeung.com (No space) to claim your bonus. 

Link Emperor Reviews & Features With Training Materials

Hello SEO experts!

Let’s start off with a question, shall we?

How are you doing in the link building rat race?

My guess: Not so good. Now, why would I guess something like that? Let me explain! Read More…

9 Things You Can’t Ignore About Google Analytics

The Google Analytics instrument is a chargeless  Google tool which can help you to control your sites. The GA itself is clipped from some of the tools that Google employ themselves to monitor sites. It controls your site and gives you such data as page views, traffic and bounce rate.

It can also give you more detailed information:sources where your traffic came from and data which sites routed the most traffic. It also provides you full information in chart form. It is easier to translate it, of course you can get raw data if you need it. Read More…

SociSynd Review & Tutorial – No 1 Social Media SEO Software

SociSynd is a social media syndication system, the purpose of which is to distribute content across 25 of the top social media sites and generate a buzz through thousands of unique social media accounts.

Which social sites are you on? Can you find all of them in the list below?


Click HERE to to get access to $1 Trial!

My guess is: YES!

Fact: SociSynd currently supports 25 social media networks and additional ones are very likely to be added in the near future.

Though SociSynd, campaigns get promoted to blogging sites, web 2.0 sites and bookmarking sites. This ensures diverse social media inbound links and that’s something Google absolutely LOVES.

Now let’s talk about why are marketers crazy about SociSynd, shall we?

There are many social media applications out there but SociSynd is specifically designed to get your website and content more exposure. It drives targeted traffic to your content and initiates a buzz. The high authority backlinks generated by the system will get you to the top of search engine rankings and inspire customer confidence.

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SociSynd gives results!

It’s as simple as that. SociSynd has been designed to get marketers results and save them precious time. With SociSynd, you can now save hours you would otherwise have been spending syndicating your own content and chances are, you would not have gotten very far anyway.

As an individual, there is really only so much exposure you can get unless you are a company with a following like Coca-Cola. SociSynd links thousands of unique social media accounts and produces fast results.

SociSynd Tutorial Walkthrough

How to get started with SociSynd?

It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Add your social accounts
2. Create your promotional campaigns
3. Download the social engine

Once done, you are all set to build quality backlinks, increase the traffic to your site, get more exposure for your content and generate valuable social signals, which are now ranking factors.

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A quick overview of some of the features of SociSynd

  1. It builds quality backlinks from thousands of unique social media accounts worldwide
  2. Generates valuable social signals which are now important ranking factors
  3. Increases exposure for your website and content
  4. Increases your social media following on Facebook, Twitter and 23 other high authority social sites
  5. Includes features to increase your website hits and reduce your bounce rate
  6. Builds backlinks that gets your social links indexed
  7. It increases the length of a visit, now a search engine ranking factor.
  8. It is Penguin and Panda friendly
  9. Boosts your rankings up the SERPs
  10. Supports 25 of the top social media sites

More about the features of SociSynd

1. SociSynd boasts an unprecedented Google search and click feature

SociSynd has a Google search and click feature. It scans the search engine for your keywords. When your site is found, it clicks your links. This shows you what keywords your visitors find you for.

2. SociSynd increases your website hits and reduces your bounce rate

SociSynd has a feature whereby the syndication system visits your website and remain on it for some time before navigating to the internal pages. This serves to increase your website hits and reduce its bounce rate.

3. It increases your returning visitors

Returning visitors is an important signal for the search engines, especially Google. Returning visitors is an indicator that your site does more than get visits. It is an authority within a niche.

A customer review

“ I’ve been using SociSynd as a beta tester for 2 -3 months now and I have seen it grow from something quite small to a major ranking powerhouse. More often than not, the syndication system surprises me. Let’s take last week for example. I was working on a new 10-page site in a very competitive niche, travel. I was using a list of 5 primary keywords and another 60 related keyphrases, none of which I yet ranked in Google’s top 100. I used a campaign in the syndication system. Today I have 26 of my 60 phrases on Google page 2 including 4 of my 5 primary.”

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Over the web, whether you do affiliate promotions or you sell a product of your own, the key to marketing success is to drive targeted traffic to any content you create and share. Now, most marketers drive targeted traffic to their content via two ways: either they rely on the search engines or they use social media.

In both cases, there is a slight issue that makes things more complicated than you would think.

For one thing, the search engines are always updating their search algorithms making it a challenge for marketers to keep up with the ever-changing rules of search engine optimization. On the other hand, social media marketing is no walk in the park either. For success on the social sites, you need a massive following. You need plenty of eyeballs on your content. Clearly, marketing over the web is just like any other job, it takes a lot of time, resources, knowledge and skills.


It gets worse!

For those of you who used to go with the first option, SEO marketing, there is a change in the game! Social media and SEO now go hand in hand!

Actually, it would even be accurate to go as far as saying that there is no such thing as an SEO campaign without a social media strategy.

Now, because social media is so important for rankings in the SERPs, over the last couple of years, there has been numerous automated social media applications that have been conceptualized and created to help marketers better manage their social media marketing.

In the crowd, there is one social media syndication system that has got marketers go crazy about it. It empowers marketers. It is based on the concept of crowd marketing.

This social media syndication system goes by the name SociSynd.

So, SociSynd uses the concept of crowd marketing. What does that mean exactly? Crowd marketing describes the idea that a user of the syndication system joins a team, sets up their campaigns and SociSynd distributes the campaign all over the world to thousands of other marketers. This system gives marketers more exposure than was ever possible before.

Tried and tested over a period of several months, SociSynd is simply incredible and unprecedented!

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