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Welcome to Winson Yeung’s Blog !!!

I’ll be sharing my knowledge and experience, as well as my new discoveries, about my work and leisure activities. Most of the articles that will appear will relate to Internet Marketing, SEO Tips and Making Money Online. I will also be sharing the fantastic offers that I find along the way!

Let Me Introduce Myself….

My name is Winson Yeung and my area of expertise is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing.

I started Internet Marketer in June 2007 whereI have spend countless time, effort and also cash in buying products, training courses, WSO, outsourcing and even attending internet marketing events to understand the fundamental of internet marketing such as how to build a list, how to create website, how to use WordPress, how to do SEO, how to optimize your website and etc.

I have gained lots of knowledge in the Internet Marketing world and my main expertise is in Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing (Still learning). I have several successful business built-on on autopilot and I’m in process of improving my business and also expanding my business at the same time.

My first training program I purchase was a “Get Rich Online product called Simply-Rich”. Unfortunately, it was a bad product. The logic they suggested I use was using Google Adwords to advertise an affiliate link. I failed to make a single sale and ended up paying a substantial amount of money to Google after a few months!

After making a loss, I decided to stop the Google Adwords Campaign and started to explore other avenues such as Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing. Why using Adword to pay for listing in Google when I can get my website up on the organic listing via SEO? By combining SEO and affiliate marketing, I’m able to generate revenue by ranking my website which aim to promote an affiliate product in the Google organic listing!

Why do you want to make money online and what is important to you?

I always have an interest in Internet Marketing. I used to have good success in SEO before the Google Panda started. Now, I have to start from scratch and I have exactly 1 year from now to work on my online business so that I can escape the 9-5 Rat Race after I graduate from my university study.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad have a great influence on me about wealth and the important of having a passive income. To me, that refer to having a working sale funnel that is able to convert $1 into $2. By having success online, I can spent the time on activities that I love most and have more time for my interests and families.

My First Achievement as an Internet Marketer

After months of hard works, I made my first affiliate marketing sale using Clickbank. This was the motivation I needed to continue my Internet Marketing journey and I went on to set up my first online business in September 2008. My partner and I started up an article writing service called CCArticles and we have gathered a team of quality writers that could supply quality articles.

My article writing service was a success and I went on to find other sources of income through affiliate marketing.

Key Internet Marketing Obstacles I Faced

The main obstacle I faced was my lack of focus. There are so many ways to make money online and it was difficult to decide what methods worked best for me. I had developed many skills, bought many products and tried lots of different methodologies but none of them worked.


Quite simply, because I continually jumped from one poor method to another ! I failed to treat my business as if it were a real business, failed to take it seriously enough and got into the wrong mindset. It was not until I sat down, began evaluating my actions and focused on what I wanted to do, that my article writing service began to thrive and grow.

Mindset Tip That You Can Not Afford to Miss…

As I said earlier, it is vitally important that you treat your online business as a REAL business and focus on building that business from the ground up. It is very easy to become overloaded with the many ways you can use the Internet to make money. My strongest advice is to find a good strong method and stay focused on it. Do not give up, do not procrastinate, do not deviate. You may incur some losses initially, but if the market in that niche is strong…stick with it and focus.

Some Useful Workshops & Lessons I Attended

September 2014 – Andre Chaperon’s Email Intensive

August 2014 – Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line pPersuasion

June 2014 – Justin Spencer’s Solo Ads Coaching

June 2014 – Lee Murray’s Sale Funnel Supreme

June 2014 – Maria Velosa’s Web Copy That Sells

June 2014 – Igor Kheifets”s List Building Secret

May 2014 – Matt Pocius ‘s Elite List Building Coaching

May 2014 – Alex Jeffreys’s Super List Method

April 2014 – Robert Mangan’s Solo Ads Academy

April 2014 – Chris Mitchell’s Coaching

Feb 2014 – AJ Montoya’s FB Fever

Jan 2014 – Kimball Roundy’s 5 Minute Mogul System

Jan 2014 – Robert Mangan’s Solo Ads Academy

Nov 2013 – Paul Dunstan Coaching with InnerCircleRiches

Nov 2013 – AJ Montoya & Gayrab Borah’s Simple FB List Building

Oct 2013 – Jeff Corpuz’s List Crusher Coaching

Sept, 2013 – Stuart Tan’s  NLP Practitioner Certification

Aug 2012, Daniel Tan’s Knowledge-Graph SEO

Aug 2012, Donald VanFossen’s CPA Reborn LIVE.

Aug  2012, Aminur Rahman’s Facebook Ads Exposed Training Course.

July 2012, Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic Black Book Course.

April 2012, Gavin Hartwell’s Simple Niche Strategies.

Feb 2011, Daniel Tan’s SEO Business Box

July 2010, Shaun Shenning’s Coaching Program in Phuket (Thailand)

June 2010, Reed Floren’s “No Limit List Building Program”

June 2010, Global Internet Seminar held in Singapore

May 2010, Ritoban C Profit Instruction Training Course

May 2010, Maria Gudelis’s Local SEO Consulting Webinar

April 2010, Sean Donahoe’s Firestorm SEO Course

Sept 2009, participated in the PPC Mindset Video and start learning about the potential benefits Pay Per Click Advertising .

Aug 2009, Keywords College that developed my skills in Keyword Research.

Mar 2009, Dave Johnson’s 42-day Ezine Articles Coaching Program and got in to the Eric Land, private List Building Coaching Program.

February 2009, Kevin Kelly’s intensive 4 week traffic generation workshop. Through this course, I mastered the traffic generation method that attracts fantastic targeted traffic to his website.

In July 2008, Ewen Chia’s Seminar in Singapore. So, who is Ewen Chia? Well, he is a leading Internet Marketing guru who has made millions on the Internet.

Simply Google his name and you will see how respected and successful he is! His seminar gave me a strong foundation in making money on the Internet and I will be sharing that knowledge with you too!

So, What Are My Personal Goals?

First and foremost, I am looking forward to continuing on my incredible journey in the world of Internet Marketing. However, eventually I want to become a self-made Millionaire by the age of 28.

One Last Tip Before You Go…

There maybe many times ahead when you feel like giving up. Internet Marketing is not easy but you must remember why you held on so long in the first place. If you truly wish to earn money on the Internet, then giving up is NEVER an option!

If you find yourself at a loss or you’re worried about the direction you should be going in, visit WarriorForum and interact with the top niche Internet Marketers because there is always lots to learn from those who are already successful. I wish you every success in the future and hope that you will accomplish your dreams soon.

Winson Yeung


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15 Responses to “About Winson Yeung – Singapore Internet Marketer”

  1. Sam Martinez says:

    Hello Winson,

    I hope you are doing well. In March we traded a few messages about your CommentLuv feature being set to No Follow instead of Do Follow for your visitor’s comments. One of the main features of CommentLuv is to give your readers some exposure on their own writings and to have their writings searchable on Google. Your blog settings are currently blocking this benefit. I strongly recommend that you consider enabling the Do Follow feature. It would probably increase your blog readership, participation, and Google Page Rank.

    I like supporting blogs that have the Do Follow settings in the Name and the CommentLuv Sections. One can discover the settings by enabling the Mozilla Firefox Do Follow Plugin, and then right clicking on the blog page. If the Name or CommentLuv are highlighted in Red, then it is a No Follow (blocking Google). If it is highlighted in Blue, then it is a Do Follow (searchable by the Google spiders).

    What ever you decide to do, I wish you all the best Winson.

    Thank you,

    Sam Martinez

    • Winson says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your feedback! I have enable do-follow to everyone who have at least 3 and above approved comment. This is to ensure to reduce the commenter who are just looking for SEO benefit.

  2. admin says:

    Yes I’m still in business and just updated this page. Regarding the CPA Network, you can check out Neverblue, Peerfly and MaxBounty. Google them to find their website.

    It will be much easier to get accepted if you have a website. However you can also try another alternative route where you call the CPA network immediately. If they ask you how do you plan to generate traffic, you can tell them you are using Facebook Ads Management too generate clicks for the offer.

    Hope this helps.
    Winson Yeung

  3. rachel says:

    Hi winson,

    i like your blog alot. it is very information and offer great value. I have a question for you I live in Jamaica and I want to join CPA network can you tell me which ones accept jamaicans and how do I join without a website or if I can use a wordpress.com blog to join.


  4. scottie jack says:

    are you still in business as I don’t see many updates in 2011…Love to buy some services from you.

    Please contact scottie.jack@yahoo.com

  5. I typed in the keyword link building service and your squeeze page came up. I was very impressed. How long did it take you to take the #1 position?

  6. Sam says:

    I would like to discuss with you our upcoming affiliate program for scoreluxe.com, the #1 luxury penny auction site. Please be in touch so we can discuss.

  7. Seth Hymes says:

    Hi Winson,

    I love your site and your services, but what is up with the pop ups on this blog!? They come at you even if I am trying to leave a comment or go from one page to another. I already signed up for Backlinks circle. Very annoying, though I am sure it is effective.

    Best to you,


  8. mike says:

    Hi Winson,

    I really keen with your offer, but i still no yet received ur reply. Hope to hear u soon.

  9. shuaib19 says:

    Hello Mr. Winson,

    Let me know about back link program, what would be my site position in GOOGLE PR and site traffic results and backlinks counts and more details about it.

  10. george kyaw naing says:

    “There may be many times ahead when you feel like giving up. Internet Marketing is not easy but you must remember why you held on so long in the first place.”

    Thanks for this timeless reminder!



  11. Edward Jerome says:

    Hi Winson

    I just noticed that this is not a standard contact us form, it is a place to submit a comment to your about page. I have not seen that before on any other blog. Can you NOT approve my other comment and this one too? I don’t want to publish my paypal account info and my email addresses for the world to see.

    Thanks so much.


  12. Derek says:

    Hi! I would like to talk to you about some ideas and strategies that i have for my current business and a business i plan to open up and need your advice in regards to domains and article writing, thank you.


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