9 Things You Can’t Ignore About Google Analytics

The Google Analytics instrument is a chargeless  Google tool which can help you to control your sites. The GA itself is clipped from some of the tools that Google employ themselves to monitor sites. It controls your site and gives you such data as page views, traffic and bounce rate.

It can also give you more detailed information:sources where your traffic came from and data which sites routed the most traffic. It also provides you full information in chart form. It is easier to translate it, of course you can get raw data if you need it.

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Free Subscription to Google Analytics service

Firstly you sign up for Google Webmaster service. You do not need to pay a dollar for this. If this step has already been taken just sign in, choose Google Analitics, read the instructions and get started. Frankly speaking nowadays it is enough rare example when we can order some good product for free. Just subscribe and enjoy it!

Add a special code on your site

Take your time! Read the instruction attentively and install Google Analytics code on every page of your website. If your site visitors can potentially see the page you must be able to monitor this page. It is much better to use asynchronous code to control your data because it allows you to obtain more authentic information than the traditional code. This results because it helps to evade  possible problems with many loading scripts on your sites. And even more important the asynchronous code functions so as not to meddle the loading of your web-pages.

Examine if the code works correctly

This is no big deal just look at your statistics in a few hours after installing the Google Analytics code. If you see results everything is done properly. Just open a new tab or window in your browser and in a second Google Analytics tool will identify a visitor on your site.

Do not forget about your sub domains

Of course, you desire to be sure that all your website is being monitored by Google Analytics service. There is nothing easier just open a window with your site and try to behave as a real visitor who accidentally opened this page. Go from here to there, click ads or move another pages.

Determine your conversion sources

When you use a funnel technique, you must go this way yourself and then check the information in  Google Analytics. You should be able to observe the results of your funnel that will be shown in your Google Analytics.

Let’s examine a tracking code for your confirmation page

For your sales it is absolutely necessary to get an individual series of results. In order to do this we will set the tracking code on the order confirmation page. That’s because if we insert the special code on the checkout we will have results for checkout only. But we need to monitor the full picture:from first visit of the website to purchasing your product.

URL builder tool — good assistant in your site pages naming.

 This instrument can help you to tune the tags on your different campaigns in a proper way. Your website link structure must be understandable and clear to monitor your marketing striving.  In order to perform this, do not scruple to use the URL Builder service, because it can help you to effectively generate these type of links.

Connect your Google Analytics and your Google AdWords account

This is nothing easier and it is possible to find a mass of step by step advice on the webmasters tools website. It will enable you to directly control how your pay per click ad campaign is leading traffic to your site. Of course, you can make use of the analytic functions of Google AdWords, but connecting them with Google Analytics will for sure give you more accurate information of how well your valid campaign is working and quantity of direct sales it gives you.

Google Analytics helps you to watch your search engines.

If you have added a search bar on your site your Google Analytics tools can provide you with the information what your visitors were trying to find with a help of this instrument, what words they used and where they moved after this actions. It is a good way to get information about what really people come for. According  this data you can improve your site. This tool allows to monitor some events happening on your websites:  how many downloads were done or precise quantity of people who subscribed to your newsletter.

In conclusion we have to say that Google Analytics is very convenient and useful tool for tracking your site and it is a real crime not to use it at full power.

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