5 Best Apple Apps for Blog Writing

Seasoned and beginner bloggers as well as freelance writers need more than just inspiration to write. When time comes, an expert blog writer should start working, and it makes no difference where they are or what they are doing! Whenever a smart thought appears in mind, you need to immediately take a mobile phone or a tablet PC and start blog writing. There is no need to waste your time, extremely because most people own Apple device.

With the advance of applications for various desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, users got access to a myriad of tools that can be extremely helpful for writing, blogging, posting content etc. Since Apple still holds strong positions in the market (despite an aggressive rivalry from Android and Windows Phone), millions of people use Apple devices, especially iPhone and iPads (by the way check out the new Retina screen from Apple, as well as a new (5th) generation of iPhone that will hit the market soon. In this post we will review top 5 Apple apps for writing that make it simple to create, post and tag content.

1. Pages


When it comes to blogging using Apple devices, missing this app is the deadliest sin. Do not forget that it was the first app in the App Store (more than 32,000 now)! So, it is a legendary app in a way. By the way, if you use its desktop version you will have no problems with the mobile one. What is offered? A great writing surface, full screen modes, elementary editing tools, possibility to place images, a few templates, tables etc. Sure, the app receives regular updates with new features and improved functionality. For example, it is possible to store documents on the net or import Office document. In other words, this app is a must have tool in a writer’s Apple toolbox.

2. Clean Writer

clean writer

This app is often called the best blog writing tool for minimalists. If you need nothing but a simple writing tool, Clean Writer is something you should have. Do not let lots of colorful and sometimes unnecessary features distract you from writing. After all, your muse may leave you! Every function has its purpose in Clean Writer. The app price is its another advantage – where else can you can an excellent writing tool for less than $1?

3. My Writing Nook

my writing nook

Content writing is not just writing essays, academic papers and web content. Some folks write e-books as well or books that will be printed. If you are one of them – do not miss your chance to get My Writing Nook. It differs from a conventional word processor since users can organize chapters and play with text layout which is perfect for book writing. The app has lots of features, which is definitely good for seasoned and focused writers. The biggest advantage of the app is synchronization with the online version. Thus, users can work on books from their Mac desktops, laptops and iPad.

4. Chapters – Notebooks for Blog Writing


As known, writing starts not when you are ready to generate content. It starts with taking notes, investigating the niche, looking for brilliant ideas etc. Having a nice and simple note taking application. Chapters, unlike other similar note taking apps, keeps your notes organized, i.e. you will easily find them. Moreover, you can protect some of them with a password, if necessary. Other helpful features include adding photos and creation of pdf docs. Chapters will help you organize your thoughts. This is a common problem with talented writers.

5. Grammar App HD


It’s all about grammar. No, we do not want to claim that all writers have grammar problems. But what about silly mistakes and misprints? What about writers for whom English isn’t the mother tongue? Grammar App HD will make it possible for folks with poor grammar write excellent texts that will be approved by University professors. The app offers grammar rules, tips and numerous examples of grammar rules and usage of various words and grammar constructions. Write and learn!

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