4 Useful Tips To Improve Your Traffic With Pinterest

Even if you are not a big fan of social networks, you definitely know that Pinterest is extremely popular today. This is one of the biggest online collection of beautiful pics on different topic, and users create accounts there in order to collect photos and pictures, and share them with others. Pinterest has become extremely popular lately, that is why nothing surprising can be found about the fact, many bloggers try to use it for their websites’ promotion.


 Yes, Pinterest can definitely bring you much traffic if you know how to use it right. Here we want to provide some useful tips for those bloggers who just start their journey online and want to understand how to use different sources to make their websites really popular and profitable. Just try to follow the steps described below, and you’ll see positive results very soon.

 Step #1: “Pin It” button at your blog

 The first thing to do is to add “Pin It” button to your blog (the blog itself and each post in particular). It will help your visitors share your content fast and comfortable, and bring you some traffic as a result.

 But! You should remember, that Pinterest is a huge gallery of images first of all, so, you should take care of your blog’s pictures to make them beautiful and attractive for your visitors, otherwise, they will not have any desire to share them. Your blog’s pictures can be very different, and they don’t have to be just about your content: you can post drawings, your own pics as author’s photos, various drafts, etc. The main thing is your pictures should be really bright and nice to get more attention from numerous Pinterest’s users.

Step #2: Your Pinterest account and comments

 If you add “Pin It” button to your blog, you should take care of your own Pinterest account as well. What do you need it for? First of all, you’ll be able to post your own content with the link to your blog, that will help you generate more traffic. Secondly, you will need a Pinterest account to reply all comments to stay connected with your followers.

 When people start pinning your pics, they may leave comments not only at your blog, but at Pinterest as well. Your task here is to stay connected with them, reply all comments concerning your pics and leave some comments on other user’s pictures as well. The more you react to other users – the bigger your chances are to get more comments, followers, subscribers, and traffic as a result.

 Step #3: Support yourself

 Social media marketing often takes much time before you see the first results. When you have a Pinterest account and leave some comments on other users’ pins, it doesn’t matter that your blog or website will dive into traffic at once, and hundreds of people will come to subscribe it at once. Be patient, and work on your social presence as good as you can.

 If no one pins your pictures, it’s not a reason to panic and give everything up at once. Being a Pinterest user gives you an opportunity to pin your own pics as well. So, do that! Moreover, you can always pin some pictures of other authoritative resources to diversify your own content and let people see that you use Pinterest naturally, not for self-promotion only.

 Step# 4: Remember of keywords and hash tags

 Pictures are not enough for getting traffic from Pinterest. As far as you understand, SEO (search engine optimization) is all about words, as they make it easier for search engines to rank your content, and for users to find it.

 Lucky we are! Pinterest provides us with an opportunity to add description to every image or infographic we post, so, your task here is to think of a detailed description for every pin. Such-called hash tags will help you here. For example, if your pin is about iPhone apps, such hash tags as #iPhone, #smartphones, #iPhone apps, #apps, etc. should be added to the pic.

 As for keywords, you can use them in text decription. Just help people find your pin faster! But remember the main rule of keywords usage: first of all, don’t use more than 4-5 keywords for your short description, because all search engines will consider them as spam, and your content can be banned; secondly, make these keywords sound natural in a text, don’t make them just illogical words combination.

As far as you see, it’s not very difficult to use Pinterest, as well as many other social networks, for your website’s promotion. Yes, it takes some time to see first results, but it doesn’t matter that such a method as social media marketing doesn’t work at all. Just don’t be in a hurry, follow all steps carefully, and don’t give up! Pinterest is a perfect source to help you gain traffic, and this fact has been proven by thousands of bloggers already.

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  1. Susan Velez says:

    Great tips on using Pinterest. There is so much information on using different types of social media sites for driving traffic. I know that I personally have to learn how to generate more traffic to my sites. Thanks for the info.

    • Alex Strike says:

      Hello Susan!

      Thank you very much for your comment! My friends are active users of Pinterest, and I started using this social media thanks to them. It can bring a lot of traffic and improve your site much! I am glad you liked my article and found it useful. I hope it will help you somehow))


  2. Thank you the information which is given here is very good and effective and pinterest is very good way to promote the pic

    • Alex Strike says:

      Thank you, Jennifer!

      I hope your Pinterest account feels it self well, and it’s diven into traffic))

      All the best!


  3. Nice Post dude.
    I have pinterest account of pinterest/mamta17kush please give me some tips how to improve my profile.

    • Alex Strike says:


      I will definitely take a look at your Pinterest profile if you need)) I’ll find you there as soon as I can)


  4. Priya kumari says:

    Wow its nice post ,it can give me more knowledge about how to improve your pinterest traffic this is really good article i liked it ,thanks for sharing this post.

    • Alex Strike says:

      Hello there!

      Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us! I am glad you liked my article and found its content useful for you. I hope it will help you improve your Pinterest profile!

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