4 Things Your Membership Site Need To Have

Your membership site is the ultimate “place” you want your list subscribers, small report buyers and course purchasers to go to. They’ve spent once with you, now all you can do to make the most amount of money is to get your paying clients to pay you on a regular basis. However, this doesn’t come automatically. You need to provide them with something in order for them to pay you consistently.

This post will be about 4 important things that you need to consider when running a membership site.


While this may sound obvious for beginning marketers, intermediate ones tend to get lazy about adding new, fresh content for their subscribers (kind of ironic, huh?).

If you have a punchy salesletter (we’ll get to that in a minute), then there’s nothing more complicated you have to do than just to give them what your bullet points on the salesletter promises them.

Your salesletter

Traffic is important (we’ll get to that in another minute). However, how useful is that traffic if you send it to a blank page? It’s as useful as if you send them to a crappy salesletter!

How many sales would you make if you had a good salesman 24/7 in your store? Your salesletter IS your 24/7 salesman – so better make it good!

A salesletter is only a page where you communicate the value of your offer to your customers. If your offer is great but you don’t have enough copywriting skills, then hiring a copywriter might be a wise investment for your business.


I told you we’d get there! When your membership base has reached a healthy number, you can take a break off driving traffic. NO, YOU CAN’T! Seriously, not all members will stick with you for a lifetime, no matter how good your site is. Some may have financial issues, others just wanted a free bite etc.

The solution? Constantly bring in new visitors to your site via PPC, SEO or social media marketing.

And if you have a brand new rocking salespage, the same applies to you.. DRIVE TRAFFIC!


So you drove traffic and got members.. What now? KEEP THEM.. And no, great content is not always enough to do the job. Great content can be found for free on the net. Make them feel that they are really part of something. Offer polls and run contests among your members. Do live webinars and stuff. Go crazy – your members are paying you..

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