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Penguin Update – Get Over It & Make It Work For You

There are currently a lot of talks in the Internet marketing and SEO forums about the Google Penguin update. Most threads created are from users who have lost their top rankings and are now ranking by the hundreds or even not at all. Penguin is real. Not keeping up with big G is going to […]


Keyword Canine 2.0 Review – Keyword Analyzer Features & Functions

I will begin this review with a disclaimer (marketers usually like to place it at the bottom and in small and hard to read font!). If you buy through my link, I will be getting a commission (you won’t be paying more!). After all, I’m an Internet marketer myself, and affiliate marketing is part of […]


Cool WP Themes & Plugins – Pssssst… They’re FREE!

This is kind of a “Part 2” of the previous post, but it can easily be read on its own if you already have a website. WordPress is powerful in terms of design and add-ons. With traditional HTML, when going for a new design, you always had to worry about the rearrangement of the content. […]