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Don’t Have A Website? Read This Post & I’ll Help You Jump The Fence & Have Your Own Website In 30 Minutes Flat!

Last night before going to bed, something was bugging me. I’ve been thinking about my posts on this blog. When writing for this blog, I always assume that everyone already has the basics covered, more specifically, everyone already have a website. Then it struck me. Maybe some people do not have a website. And that’s…

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WP Syndicator Review | What It Does? Do You Need It?

Attention: This review is especially geared towards people who blog to make money. Whether you are selling your own product, have affiliate banners or are currently simply collecting emails, you NEED to read this post if you have a blog. The Honest Truth About Internet Marketing Here is one thing that many newcomers to the…

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Social Metrics Pro Review

Social Metrics Pro Review – Tracking Your Social Presence Right From Your WordPress Dashboard

STOP READING if you do not KNOW that social presence is a MUST in 2012 and that it’s only going to become more and more important as time goes by. Even those who have been strictly focusing on search engine optimization have seen that search engine rankings are now being heavily affected by social sites.…

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How To Increase Visibility for Your Best Blog Content

As an inbound marketer, because there is no other way to do it, you are probably spending a lot of time writing good content for your blog conceiving engaging topics, researching the subject matters and putting all your heart and soul into writing the posts but are you actually reaping as much benefit off the…

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Turning An E-Book Into A Marketing Machine

With the ever-increasing tablets and e-readers that the big corps are coming out with, it makes more sense in 2012 than ever before to target some of your marketing to these devices. Almost all of them are PDF capable, so why not create a PDF that’s going to bring you some sales? Boring blocks of…

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