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The 6 Things Many Internet Marketers Get Wrong When It Comes To Inbound Marketing

If you own a business, you would know that when it comes to marketing, many things can go wrong but what you perhaps don’t know is the fact that bad marketing sometimes work better at driving your prospects away than no marketing at all. For those of you who understood this a while ago, you…

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Getting Good Online Reviews – The Why & The How

In this post, we will talk about the importance and necessity of online reviews, and how to acquire more of them. The Why – Importance of reviews for your business Reviews are especially important if your target market is more concerned with the quality you provide rather than how low your prices are. According to…

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How To Build Your Online Business

One of the fiercest challenges people getting into Internet marketing face is the state of overwhelm. The worse thing is that a large percentage of the online marketing enthusiasts are either people who have a day job (a 9 – 5), or students who have a lot of classes to attend and a lot to…

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New Google Algorithm Update To Penalize Over-Optimized Content

Last week, Google’s search spam team announced that they’ve been working on this new algorithm update designed to penalize sites that are too optimized for SEO. These sites are currently being defined by the Google search spam team as being over-optimized or overly SEO’d. Clearly, in the coming weeks, the new Google algorithm update will…

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Simple Video Promotion Formula – Increasing Conversion Rates & Making More Money Than Before

While text in the form of articles or blog posts are always well received by readers in quest of new information, there are times when it is not enough to really close a sale. When text and images are not enough, the next logical step is…videos! You can use videos to close the sale whether…

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