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Facebook Timeline | The Change In the Game

If you’ve been using Facebook since the early days of social media, then you would know better than anyone else that over the years, as a social media platform, Facebook has changed immensely. Up until recently, most marketers used to craft their social media marketing strategy based on the much discussed fact that Facebook posts…

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The 12 Most Common Types Of Blog Posts Revealed

Perhaps one of the Internet marketing advices you see most often online is the need for people who own websites to provide great content for their readers. It is a tried and tested theory that great content drives traffic. So clearly, content is key to getting Internet marketing right. But do you think that just…

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The Google Bully: Why Big G Picks On Marketers

Almost every marketer in the SEO game has been picked on by the search giant. Either you were unable to get on page 1 at all, or you did get on page 1 (maybe even spot #1) but then after a few days got slapped by Google and your page was sent to page 38.…

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Make Your Marketing Become More Efficient By The End Of This Article!

Nowadays, “Internet marketing” is just a term that people like throwing around in online forums. People think they are an Internet marketer if they posted an article on Ezine Articles or built some profile backlinks. Yeah sure, these people probably know more about “IM” than the average person, but I’m not convinced it’s a good…

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The Truth About Product Creation Exposed

In this blog post, we will expose some truths about product creation. Does this mean that by the end of this article you will be able to create your own e-book ready to sell on Clickbank? Well, I can’t promise that you will take action on the information I’ll be giving you, but I can…

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