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Tapping Into Pre-Shopping Visitors To Make Money

Here is an interesting fact for Internet marketing enthusiasts who want to diversify they income streams: 84% of offline (retail) shoppers do their own research online before purchasing a product in a store. And no, their research is not only limited to jewellery or cars. They also make searches for minor things such as cameras…

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Making Facebook Newcomers Click The Like Button

That’s pretty much the point, right? Raising social awareness on Facebook consists of having new people that stumble upon your fanpage (or that are directed to it) click on the “Like” button, so that it gets displayed on their walls and appear on their friends’ feed. Then in turn you hope that their friends do…

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Is Mobile Marketing Any Good?

I doubt there is anyone out there who does not know a thing about smartphones. Whether it’s an Android, a Blackberry, or an iPhone, you must have, at some point or another, come across what one can accomplish in terms of Internet marketing using these remarkable hand-held devices as a platform for successful communication. Currently,…

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4 Tips To Make Your Content More Enjoyable

Content is king, yeah? But having a bunch of text doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make you money. If you want to build a real online empire, then your content should not only make sense, but also be enjoyable to your readers. If you expect your readers to buy anything from you (or even…

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Squeeze Page Tweaks To Maximize Conversions

Your squeeze page can make or break your online business. It’s one of the most valuable tools you can have in your arsenal to start, scale and grow your long term profits. This is where you want to drive all your initial traffic to. You would like to double your profits, right? What would be…

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