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Blog Ideas For The Beginning Marketer

So you want to get into blogging, huh? Sounds cool, looks cool, and yeah, IS cool! But there is one thing that many marketers struggle with, even if they are really keen to start blogging right away – “What to write about?”. They’re stuck. They need blog ideas – and I am going to give…

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How To Build A Blog – A Quick Setup Guide

Building a blog is essential to your online business if you want to keep your prospects and new visitors coming and keeping them updated about your services and give them good writing material. In this post, we will talk about how to build a blog, while taking a focus on wordpress blogs and also the…

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7 Steps To Article Writing For Beginners

If you’ve been marketing (or wanting to market) online, you’ve most probably come across various ways to make money online. And the most popular business models out there all have one thing in common. Article writing! You’ve heard about blogging, article marketing and all. All these include a somewhat daunting and boring article writing part.…

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Article Marketing Robot – A Short Review

There are countless of internet marketing software out there, and amongst them is Article Marketing Robot – one of the few and highly respected software out there, especially among niche marketers. But does it really live up to its name? And what does Article Marketing Robot actually do? Read on, and find out in this…

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Social Media Explained

This topic is getting a lot of buzz these days. I can’t believe I haven’t made any real post about it. Anyway, let me get over it and give you guys an insight on social media. What is social media? You’ve heard about all sorts of promotional methods. PPC, banner exchange, links exchange, getting partnerships…

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